Daegu Gosan Public Library

Daegu  I  Süd Korea

As a local and concrete space the Daegu Gosan Library deals with the urban structure and the urbanistic surroundings. The heterogenic and tightly structured geometric cubes of the nearby residences get condensed. Cubes of various volumes and with differently designed facades are irregularly orthogonal arranged. The combination of compactness and closure of the cubes and the openness and transparencyof the space in between makes the building an appealing location
for different types of users.

The building is a part and made of parts of its environment, but its concentration of diversity already attracts your attention from a distance and makes you curious. The richness and diversity of knowledge and the variety of usability of the inside is communicated to the outside: The facade translates the content and the function of each room into an eye catching structure that can be read like a text. Similar to an index it points out the offers and the possible ways, one can choose
to take from.


Öffentliche Bibliothek  I  Daegu, Süd-Korea  I  Internationaler Wettbewerb 2012
Planung  I  Projekt gemeinsam mit Ingmar Zwirn, Martin Mathy und Alexandra Rollett